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Hey Meister Community!

I know, that im a Newbie here but i think i should let u guys know what i thought and maybe its already planned.

While i started to organize my Meistertask i stepped across the abilities and capabilities u have with MeisterNote and started to create something in there, but one of my biggest Problems was that i had to use it in a Browser the whole time instead of being able to use it within the MeisterTask–Application or even with an own Application.

Anyway, what i wanted to mention is that an Integration of MeisterNote into the MeisterTask–App with like an Easy-Switch from your Projects to your Documents without leaving the App or having to go to your Browser and visit Meisternote would be awsome.

And i know, that u can lay down a Shortcut to a Website on your Desktop, on Keys or a Loupedeck, but it would be ncie to just access it trough the Existing MeisterTask–Application

Let me guys hear what u think and enjoy your Week!


Enjoy your Day & Week!

Best regards,

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