Auto-correct issue when filling out my mind map

Marie-eve Paradis
Marie-eve Paradis EN Basic Posts: 1 Beginner
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I'm trying to fill in my mental map but as soon as I make a space in my words, it corrects with another word or even mixes up all my letters.. is it an autocorrect problem? I don't know what to do about this


  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, DE Business Posts: 986 Community Admin

    Hi @Marie-eve Paradis — this sounds like a very strange problem — I haven't heard any reports about this or a similar issue. Are you using the web app or your mobile phone?

    Could you send a screen recording of the issue? This could help myself and others understand the issue a bit more.



  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,094 Community Admin

    Hey @Marie-eve Paradis,

    I've seen this issue before! Could you tell me what device you're using and whether you're using the browser or app version?

    If you're using a PC browser, please could you try in incognito mode and tell me if the issue persists?