Display tasks from all projects of each employee on one timeline

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Hallo Community, Hallo Meister-Team,

We are an SME and our employees also work on different projects that are running at the same time. In order to avoid time overlaps, it is very important to be able to display all projects and all tasks of each employee on one and the same timeline.

I think, this would be fine and a great addition to timeline's functionality and would be greatly appreciated by many meisters' customers, don't you think also?

Thank you for accepting my suggestion and for considering how to implement it. I would be very excited and happy about it.


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  • gjung@unityambassadors.ch
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    It would be so great, if timeline does show all different projects and tasks which are running at the same time, for each employee. So time-overlaps could not happen anymore. Thank you for your support!


  • Thibaut
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    I strongly agree with the demand of such a feature.

    Using timeline to handle a project has proven to be very effective, but as soon as two projects or more are to be taken care of at the same time, then begins a real come-and-go game. Once you're there, you need to go from project to project and memorize each timeline in order to synch them in your head.

    My Dashboard sits there, almost empty. Is there a way to use this space for such a feature ?

  • Michael Heil
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    I would also appreciate this function!

    Michael Heil

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Would love to have this function!

    You have my vote! 👍️

    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all - thanks for the upvotes and feedback here!

    This sounds similar to the "cross-project timeline" for MeisterTask, which has also been requested here:

    Is this what you all were imagining? If yes, I can merge these threads and bring all our upvotes into one place 😁

    In any case, I know that our MT product team is strongly considering such an option for the future, so I'll be sure to direct their attention to this thread as well!



  • Michael Heil
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    @Andrew Lapidus yes, i would say both requests mean the same!

    Michael Heil

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  • Bart
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    That would be an amazing feature. At the moment the Timeline is too isolated and therefore we don't use it.

  • Michael Heil
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    Hi@Bart one comment for you.

    what we do and I think that the timeline is already a very good feature, although it is isolated, that we move all tasks for the 6 days in a separate weekly sprint board. so we focus on this week and look overall projects in this one weekly sprint board.

    Tasks are automatically moved from a project board by moving it into a "weekly sprint"-column from where it is automatically moved to the weekly sprint board

    the task lands here in a specific weekly sprintboard column. in this column are only all tasks for this project for this week:

    Above the columns you see the tasks in the timeline (a task can only last maximum 1 day, not longer. If it lasts longer, it hast to be broken down to subtasks), which helps to "schedule" single tasks and also helps the supervisor or projectleader to get an overview and also filtered views

    • what tasks in my project are planned this week (also by whom) (they have the colour of the column)
    • which tasks in my project have already been accomplished (also by whom) (the tasks are crossed out)
    • what tasks has employe 1 planned and accomplished this week
    • and so on

    Great is, that when you filter, the timeline is also filtered ;-), either by person or project or tag or also in combinations like person and project...

    Off course it would be very very helpfull when Meister would provide a timeline over all projects, then we wouldn't need an extra weekly sprint board, although I think this helps to fokus on sprints :-)

    One more thing:

    In the weekly sprint board every project also has an accomplished column. when a task is accomplished the employee moves it into the accomplished column, and it automatically gets transferred into the original projectboard in the accomplished column:

    and the accomplished column in the project board, collects all accomplished tasks until the complete project is accomplished.

    It is great to see, how many tasks already have been accomplished:

    and when you look back in the timeline, you see exactly see when which task was accomplished by whom:

    Michael Heil

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