🧠 Project Template of the Month: Global Supply Chain (Business)

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I'm back with part two of @Nick Willemsens' distribution workflow 🚚. In this post, we looked at how MindMeister could be used to plan and track the distribution of goods.

Here, we're going to see the full transportation flow from all four production sites to their designated end customers ➡️. Nick engineered his supply chain on geographical logic in order to efficiently distribute goods in the most cost effective way 💰. 

In this project board, each task represents a shipment. Moving the task between sections represents the movement of goods 📦.

Putting a task in the 🛳 Shipped AU, Shipped US, Shipped UA section will automatically transfer it to an entirely separate project board: Transport Route Australia, Transport Route United States, or Transport Route Ukraine respectfully ✈️. This allows for much closer tracking of movement.

Want to dive deeper? Import the json file attached below to your own MeisterTask account. Remember to come back and check out the comments for some best bits 😍! 

💡 More info on importing project templates can be found here. Note: Automations won't be imported and will have to be set up manually. You can find out more about automations here.💡


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    Using Custom Fields to Add Important Data

    Nick added a "Transport Mode" custom field to the supply chain project. This means that all project tasks will show this custom field upon creation, reminding stakeholders to fill out essential information. Use custom fields for any information that helps ensure key elements are not forgotten and is important to tasks across the project. You can add multiple custom fields if you find that several are relevant to your project. 

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    Automatically Adding Tags for Easy Filtering

    Nick created tags to indicate the courier, destination and status for easy and quick updates on shipments. Tags can be manually added; however, Nick also used automations so that tasks moved to certain sections would automatically receive a new tag. For instance, tasks moved to any of the Shipped sections are immediately tagged "In Transit". As a result, the project board stays up-to-date even if collaborators forget to manually add tags.

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    @Tristan: In case some of your team members need to manage your distribution & supply chain, this Project Template might be inspirational!

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    I posted a question about managing orders and distribution and was redirected here - I think this project board is very impressive and offers a clean solution to certain distribution problems. Will import the json file and take a look at personalizing the board with my own details - thanks so much for sharing this. (And @Nick Willemsens for designing it!)