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🤔 Mind Map Template: Decision Matrix

Miša Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 339 Community Admin

Hi all! 👋

Even with the most noble of intentions, sometimes even the best managers struggle to make data-driven and objective decisions — especially when there are a lot of seemingly subjective criteria to factor in! But not to worry, our Decision Matrix template can help you make the right decision, fast.

To use this template:

  1. Define the categories relevant to your decision (for example, cost, quality, etc.).
  2. Add the options that you are making a decision on to each of the categories.
  3. Give every option a score on a 1-5 scale.
  4. Now add weight to each criterium based on importance for the decision (1-5). So if cost is the most important factor, add a weight of 5.
  5. Multiply the weight of each category with the rating you gave every option in that category.
  6. Add up all the points - A winner should emerge.

I hope you all find this template useful for clarifying your thoughts around important decision making!

As we talk more about meeting objectives and goals for the new year, decision making processes will become more and more relevant. I'd love to hear your feedback and your own ideas in the comments!



P.S.: You can browse a wide range of different templates for different sectors on our website!