Keyboard shortcut to move items back, forward, up or down in tree

Theodor Westin
Theodor Westin Unconfirmed, EN Basic Posts: 14 Beginner

Hold down "key" then left to move backwards, right forwards and up & down to order.

I want to get more efficient with my mindmap creation and dragging items around is tedious at sometimes, especially when reordering listed layout items. It's seemingly impossible to get it in the right spot in its current build.

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  • Theodor Westin
    Theodor Westin Unconfirmed, EN Basic Posts: 14 Beginner

    Is there really no way of editing these posts? Anyway, here's further detail:

    Suggested steps for this feature:

    Select item(s), hold down the "key", then press left to move the item(s) next to their parent item, right to move them back and up or down to change their order.

    Since things work backward if items exist on the left side in the default mindmap layout, the left and right key functions will just have to flip.

    For the org chart layout, the left and right key changes the order, and up and down moves item(s) up and down.

    Examples with images:

    Step 1. Two items are selected.

    Step 2. The proposed keyboard shortcut is being held down and then the left key is pressed, allowing you to see that they will be placed furthest away in order from their parent item when you let go of the key.

    Step 3. The key is released and the items are placed with their parent.

    Step 4. Hold down the key again and press up to move them up in order.

    Step 5. Release to place them in place. I think y'all get the idea here.

    In conclusion:

    I wish to be more efficient with my process and I believe keyboard shortcuts are the epitome of just that. Dragging items around takes time and precision, especially when reordering listed layout items. Trial and error are required to move them into the right order sometimes, which is quite annoying.

  • Emily
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    Upvote +1 this is a great request and perfect for brainstorming

  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey Theo! Welcome to the Community 😄.

    Thanks for your idea and thorough explanation with screenshots. It's amazing when users share the detail on their feature request, otherwise we're left to do a lot of guess work.

    Plus, I totally agree with what you're suggesting. I think being able to use the keyboard to move things around your map would save time, increase efficiency and make the workflow smoother. It's similar to the other shortcuts we have which save time by removing the necessity to use the mouse. AND it's more precise, as you said! I've seen this most when working in AdobeXD. Whenever I move something by dragging it, it always ends up in the wrong places. Comparatively, with the arrow keys I can get things exactly where I want them bit by bit.

    So you've got my vote!

    P.S. Thanks so much for taking the time to make the screenshots.

  • Theodor Westin
    Theodor Westin Unconfirmed, EN Basic Posts: 14 Beginner


    I could've saved probably tens of hours of time if I had been able to use these proposed keyboard shortcuts!