💌 Feedback Wanted: MeisterNote Mobile App

Andrew Lapidus
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Dear MeisterNote users: We need your insights! 💪

Our developers are currently actively looking for customer feedback for an upcoming mobile app for MeisterNote.📱

Beyond basic editing capabilities, we'd love to hear more about what you'd need from a MeisterNote app. In particular, we'd love to hear your answer to these questions:

  • How would a mobile app help you and your team? 📈
  • How would you use MeisterNote mobile for personal use? 🙋‍♂️
  • How would you use MeisterNote mobile for collaboration? 🤝
  • Which features would be essential for your team in the MeisterNote mobile app? 🪄
  • MeisterNote is currently available in mobile browsers as a read-only tool. Have you used MeisterNote on your mobile browser? How was this experience? 📱

Feel free to comment and leave your feedback below - and thanks for helping us shape the future of our products! 



  • Dessy Prasad
    Dessy Prasad Member Posts: 43 Star Contributor

    We just implemented MeisterNote to around 200 users and have incorporated this as our primary knowledge base. It's been working great! However, I've been waiting on a mobile app to come out.

    There are a lot of users on the go who will sometimes use their iPads or phones primarily when meeting with clients. Having a mobile app that we could download to those devices would be very nice.

    User adaptability is a big one for us and I've noticed the most success when apps mimic the layout of the web version of a platform as there is no other additional training needed. Very excited to see a mobile app roll out possibly in the future!

  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 679 Community Admin

    Thanks so much for the insightful feedback, @Dessy - Glad to hear that MeisterNote has been working out as an internal knowledge base!

    To ask a follow up question and get to know your use case a bit better: Since you and your team use MeisterNote as a knowledge base, we'd be interested to know whether your team would use a MeisterNote mobile app more as a "reference" tool (i.e. to interact/navigate with a knowledge base) or more of a "note-taking" tool to add to the knowledge base and create and manage notes on the fly.

    I just chatted with our MeisterNote product lead about this distinction. When many people think of a "note taking app" they imagine something that could replace the "Notes" app on iOS... A potentially very different core experience than interacting and contributing to an internal knowledge base!

  • Dessy Prasad
    Dessy Prasad Member Posts: 43 Star Contributor

    Hi @Andrew Lapidus - We would most likely just use it as a reference tool but it would be nice for us to be able to create notes through there as well, especially via iPad. I know a lot of users have personal notebooks where they take notes so a lot of people would benefit from it being a note-taking app as well!

  • Sabine Rafael
    Sabine Rafael Member Posts: 2 Beginner

    Hi @Andrew Lapidus

    I cannot wait to have a MeisterNote App 🤗

    I use MeisterNote as a knowledge base and also to document customer projects. So, I already very often checked the read-only version in my browser to check some information.

    And sometimes I feel like "oh I need to add this info right away" just to find out that this is not possible at the moment 🙄

    most essential would be the possibility to add information within the app.

    Creating tasks or leaving comments would be also great of course.

    I would also love the possibility to quickly send information or at least a link to Meisternote, e.g. from a browser. Like a clipping tool...

  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 679 Community Admin

    Thanks for the feedback @Sabine Rafael , and welcome to the community 😀 Thanks for sharing your use case here - I have had exactly the same experience of needing to make a quick addition to a MeisterNote while on the subway going to/home from work. Editing and commenting from mobile will definitely be part of an MVP (minimum viable product) for MeisterNote!

  • Bart Verheecke
    Bart Verheecke Member Posts: 20 Star Contributor

    For us it's important to be able to capture information on the field and collaborate, meaning we would like to do:

    • basic note taking, including bullet points and check lists
    • add images from the Photo app and Camera app
    • Tag and notify other users
    • Create a task in MeisterTask

    Additionally, it's essential to:

    • Have a more robust notification system across all Meister apps and platforms. It's far too easy to miss a notification now, because one has to check multiple locations.
    • Have a backlink from a MeisterTask to that note in MeisterNote where the task was created/first added.
    • Add support for tables.

  • Christian Müller
    Christian Müller Member Posts: 18 Active Contributor

    Hi @Andrew Lapidus,

    I realize your question is a few weeks old, but since I just joined the Meister Community I wanted to chime in.

    We use MeisterNote as our internal knowledge base, for 3 to 5 people, and as a second brain.

    For us a mobile app, and for that matter an offline mode on the desktop, should provide the following functions:

    • Lists and checklists
    • Adding pictures and documents from the device
    • Quick capture of pictures, text and possibly audio in one note
    • Ideally comments and or tagging of colleagues
    • Bonus points for task creation directly in the note.

    And since I mentioned it above: An offline mode for tablets or laptops would be really appreciated. We cannot rely on a stable internet connection when we travel by train in Germany.

    Kind regards,


  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 679 Community Admin

    Hi @sozial-pr and @Bart - definitely not too late to still collect insights here! Thanks for the contributions - our Product team is automatically notified of ideas in this thread!

    To give a short idea on where we are in this process - The MN team is still pouring its focus into making essential additions to the MeisterNote web app - external sharing (scheduled for the first week of December! :D), tables, and other major changes are in the pipeline — The shaping of our mobile app will likely go full steam ahead after these updates are implemented. I'll keep you all updated in this thread!

    As an aside - our team is interested in scheduling 1on1 interviews with users to explore their use cases for mobile. If anyone would be interested in possibly talking to a Meister Product Manager, please don't hesitate to reach out via DM!

  • Christian Müller
    Christian Müller Member Posts: 18 Active Contributor

    @Andrew Lapidus Thanks for your timely answer. Process and priorities sound good and are absolutely understandable, thanks for sharing.

    I'll be glad to volunteer for an 1-to-1-interview with your team if I can contribute to the development. Please feel fre to get in touch.

  • Rooster McNugget
    Rooster McNugget Member, MT Tester Posts: 330 Mastermind

    Hi @Andrew Lapidus, just got informed about this discussion and I‘m very happy about that because I was a little sad that there is no app for MeisterNote. But there is light at the end of the tunnel!😉

    For me @Bart hit the nail on the head (hope you say that like this in english🙈):

    And as @Dessy I‘m on go a lot of time. So all this points would be perfect for me too! I would prefer also a copy of the web version.

    And what I really really would love is if I could use my Apple Pencile. If you could do that you‘ll be my heros!😋🙃

    Best, Samuel

    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!

  • Romain
    Romain Member Posts: 1 Beginner

    Hello @Andrew Lapidus :)

    I'm using MeisterNote for personnal use, everyday.

    I use it instead of the Google Notes Keep app because MeisterNote have a real data privacy policy and i'm ready to pay for it.

    I make my to-do-list, shopping list, to read list, tons and tons of list...

    It would be nice to be able to classified lines nor checklist by alphabetical nor numeral order, separate striped from non-striped lines (like Notes Keep).

    Most of all, i need and I want the table tool (seems like you are using the same code as gitbook), please.

    I would like to be able do a table with an automatic new day line (date) with multiple columns to check my daily routine. Kind of upgraded checklist (nor i can add notes on the boxes).

    Hoping you understand my demand :)

  • Barry Tikkanen
    Barry Tikkanen Member Posts: 1 Beginner

    As a field engineer, sales engineer, and project manager, the ability to create and update is vital to communication with my team and customers. Sometimes a access through a laptop or tablet is not the best tool for the job. A mobile app would be a great option to fill the gap and provide additional flexibility.

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Member Posts: 1 New Here

    This is great news! I love MeisterTask but only recently discovered MindMeister and MeisterNote. It would be great if there was a joint subscription to all three, like there is with the other two.

  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 659 Community Admin

    Hey @Chris Wilson,

    Our team is working to make a 3-product bundle available - Stay tuned 😃!

    We will share more info with you as soon as we can.