(Known Bug) Desktop App: Meistertask not allowing me to attach Google Drive doc

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Attaching a Google Drive document to the Desktop App (I haven’t tried this using the mobile app) crashes it.
I select “Add Attachment” then “Google Drive.” It takes me to the Google sign-in page. I sign into my Google account.
Then it crashes.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi Amanda and Andres! Greetings also from my side. Thanks for providing your system information!

    Sorry about the headache here, @AMShields — I was able to (mostly) duplicate your issue on the MeisterTask Mac app (using Big Sur 11.6.5). Although my app didn't crash, it isn't allowing me to attach any docs via the drive integration. I've informed our dev team, who will get this fixed ASAP!

    In the meantime, a couple of workarounds:

    It should still work to simply copy/paste the share link for any google drive documents into the “Paste URL” field of the attachments area (this is actually how the Google Drive integration works in the back-end).

    This issue also doesn't seem to be affecting the MT web app, which is accessible via your browser at meistertask.com

    Again, sorry for the frustration here - I'll keep you updated on a fix in this thread!