Toggle Mouse Wheel to Zoom instead of Scroll


It'd be really convenient to have a toggle that could change the mouse wheel's default function to zooming in and out rather than scrolling.

Having to hold control to zoom is fine, but not ideal.

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  • Admin
    Admin International Partner, MT Tester, EN Business Posts: 487 Community Leader

    I would even include in the toggle request the option to enable horizontal scrolling as well.

    In design programs it's usual to use the shift key to enable horizontal scrolling when combined with the scrolling wheel.

    However, I've missed that functionality several times in MindMeister.

    Thanks for submitting this request Phyrespore ;)

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  • Lady Jaye
    Lady Jaye EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

    Completely agree! I often attempt to use my scroll wheel to zoom in or out, intuitively thinking it should work that way. I most typically just click-drag my way around the page, as it's rare that I want to move solely vertically.

    Thanks for the original request!

  • Stela Xavier Terra
    Stela Xavier Terra EN Basic Posts: 1 Beginner

    This kind of thing is urgent, so I voted for both :)

    Thanks @Phyrespore