🎮 Quiz Question of the Week [2]

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Hi everyone 👋,

How well do you know MeisterNote?
Put your knowledge to the test with our Quiz Question of the Week! We've designed it to help you assess your experience level and maybe even pick up a few new facts along the way. I love incremental progress, the power of taking small steps should never be underestimated!

Today, there is one question about MeisterNote:

❔ Imagine you are opening a note in MeisterNote and you want to share it. What is the reason if others can see the "Share" button in the top right corner, but you cannot?

✔ Check out the Answer —> here!

Click on the link above to open the Quiz. Let us know how you did and share your thoughts in the comments below.

💡 The Quiz will open in another tab/window.



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    Hello, I got it, but I was guessing. It was a lucky shot 🎰

    I'll put myself a reminder to discuss it with the mods next Monday because I believe the official docs could see some improvement.

    Best regards.


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