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Please extended the existing search functionality in mind meister that only looks at the map name to also include all the branches of a map (phase 1) and then later even into notes and comments also (phase 2). It would be highly appreciated. KR Hans P.

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  • Admin BSF.company
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    Great initiative @Hans, I even like the way you laid out the potential scrum iterations for the dev team to get the priorities straight.

    It would be an important feature for users with:

    • Numerous mind maps
    • Big mind maps.

    As a side note, this type of functionality usually requires lots of computational power at the back end of the app, so it will be crucial to understand from the community a couple of things:

    • How many users would like to see this come to life.
    • How many of those are paid users.

    Make sure to refer people back to this request when you see it appropriate in your future posts and comments in this community.

    You certainly have my support on this one 👍

    Best regards.

    Andrés D'Andrea

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  • Hans Dramstad
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    Thanks @Andres D'Andrea appreciate the support and the guidance. KR Hans