Why can't I move sections? - they snap back to original location

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All of a sudden I can't move sections around. I can grab them with the little hand and move them, but after I drop them and they sit there for half a second, they snap back to where they were before I moved them. HELP! I need to be able to do this. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Hello @Roseavenue welcome to the community.

    I just tried moving columns around in one of my projects and there was no issue.

    Are you working witht the native app? What OS?

    I'm in Google Chrome latest version and I even collapsed and expended collumns around the moved section… it stayed fixed wherever I left it.

    In your position, I'd try the following:

    • Clear cache and cookies in my web browser
    • Restart the computer
    • Re-login in MindMeister
    • Move columns around again to see if the problem persists
    • If the problem persiste, come back and let us know more details

    Best regards.

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    Thank you so much! I shut down my browser and then started it back up, and everything worked fine after that.