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Miša Hennin
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Welcome to April's Badge of the Month! As part of our Rewards Program, Badge of the Month gives you an easy way to join in and connect with others, and earn a new badge. Your answers don't have to be Meister-related, we'd just like to hear from you 😃.

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Badge of the Month: April 2023

This month, people from all over the world will celebrate Earth Day - a day devoted to the appreciation of our beautiful but fragile planet 🌍 and the consideration of how we can treat it better both individually and collectively 🫶.

We want to take this opportunity to share tips and tricks on how we can all behave more sustainably in the workplace and at home. How do you do your part for the planet? It could be as simple as switching off your monitor and charger at the socket overnight or choosing an ethical internet provider. Please share your ideas in the comments below ❤️.



P.S. Thanks to @JanaIngendahl for emphasizing the importance of sustainability in this post!


  • Richard Vitaris
    Richard Vitaris EN Basic Posts: 49 Star Contributor

    I am trying to be paperless. I avoid printing documents, instead making digital copies. I get digital rather than physical subscriptions to magazines and newspapers, and read books on my Kindle rather than buying hard copies. While these things may be everyday routine for younger people and not even seem worth mentioning, it is a major change for us old timers.

  • Admin BSF.company
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    Hi 👋

    I have the practice of always locking my computer before leaving my desk, and the default energy settings were configured to turn off the screens after 10 minutes of inactivity.

    I've come to the conclusion that nobody needs to see my beautiful wallpapers for so long…

    The new settings will turn off the screens after just 1 min on the 3 power modes available.

    I hope your day gets off to a good start!



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  • CL Webb
    CL Webb EN Basic Posts: 33 Star Contributor

    Like @Richard Vitaris, I have gone paperless and mostly digital too. (Just received my Kindle last week!)

    And, like @Andres D'Andrea, I have reduced my energy consumption where possible.

    Also, on my daily walks, I always stop by my neighborhood grocery store and pickup a few items for the walk back home. I've only had to drive to the store twice in the past 10 months.

    CL Webb ?

  • Joerg Koper
    Joerg Koper DACH Partner, MT Tester, DE Business, EN Advocate Posts: 1,423 Community Leader

    Thanks to our photovoltaic system, we have a largely autonomous supply of green electricity, which is very beneficial for us, as we mainly work from our home office. Our office has also been 99% digitalized and paperless for several years. So the printer only runs very rarely.

    And we have switched 90% of our consulting services to web meetings. When personal appointments are scheduled in the local area, we use public transport whenever possible.

    In our leisure time, we are mostly on outdoor tours in the nature…of course, without leaving any rubbish behind 😉

    Best, Jörg

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  • Jana Ingendahl
    Jana Ingendahl DE Pro Posts: 5 Active Contributor

    Thank you @Miša Hennin! Love the idea 😊

    I personally really enjoy the app 2zero where you can try to challenge yourself every day/week/month and get a feeling for how much CO2 you are producing in your everyday life. We also used this app to make a team climate challenge throughout the European Sustainability Week last autumn where our employees could collect points that determined the scope of our christmas party. And we had a big party in the end 😅

    Grocery shopping is almost impossible without any plastics but using for example reusable cotton coffee filters and the (of course fair trade & organic😁) grained coffee afterwards as fertilizer for the office plants is some good example how we can start thinking in circular behaviour without any bigger loss in convenience.

    We also have only re-used hardware that was professionally refurbished and implemented a company policy to regulate business travels to a minimum and incentivise public transport.

    To gain insight into our personal impacts regarding energy, we did some assessment on how much energy is consumed by hardware in the office and at home. For this we had an instrument for measuring which was passed on around the team members and everybody could share their data and discuss potential enhancements. This also became some kind of challenge over the weeks :)

    Another experience I would love to share from my personal life: going on holiday by train through Europe! I spent three weeks in Sweden last autumn travelling only by train and I have never felt more relaxed when arriving at my holiday destination! During the 12h train ride from Hamburg to Stockholm I had the chance to calm down and settle my thoughts while getting to know a lot of amazing swedish people. And the sleeping options in the swedish trains are also very comfortable!

  • Rooster McNugget
    Rooster McNugget MT Tester, DE Business Posts: 632 Community Leader

    Hi together

    I am also working 95% paperless. Unfortunately, plans or contracts still have to be printed out in larger formats from time to time.

    We also always turn off our devices when we leave the office for more than 2 hours. In the offices we have switched to free-standing lamps instead of overhead lighting at the workplaces. The free-standing lamps have a motion sensor and only light up when someone is at their workstation.
    At the same time, we have replaced all old incandescent bulbs and FL lights with LED lights in 95% of our properties (in my home 100%) and reduced the duration of lighting in the general rooms.

    For all coffee lovers who want to avoid plastic or aluminum capsules, take a look at coffeeB.


    The impossible does not exist! The solution has just not been found yet!

  • Beata Mertyn
    Beata Mertyn EN Basic Posts: 21 Star Contributor
    • switching off your monitor and charger at the socket overnight
    • turning off the water during washing teeth
    • using reusable bag at the shopping
    • turning of the light after leaving a room
    • re-using plastic bag if I had any
    • buying tickets online; not printing them

  • CL Webb
    CL Webb EN Basic Posts: 33 Star Contributor

    CL Webb ?

  • Miša Hennin
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    Happy Monday!

    As we're approaching the end of the month, I thought it might be time for me to add my ideas here.

    Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for contributing - This has been a really enlightening post for me! I am pleased to see inspiration both for the office and home. It was great to get input from our office manager via Marlene too 😁.

    Like Emily, I'm careful with where I buy things. I especially try to boycott big companies like Amazon. The convenience of next-day (or even same-day) delivery can be very hard to resist but I find that if I don't look at the options on Amazon at all, I mostly avoid temptation. I also try to buy most clothes second-hand. Depop is a great app in England where I both buy and sell clothes. In Austria, Willhaben is a similar app which I've heard works really well. You can find furniture, TVs, clothes, shoes and much more on there for very cheap.

    I work from home so my office tips are less distinct. I always turn off appliances at the wall socket when I finish work to avoid leaving them on standby. And I wear extra socks/ jumpers/ blankets before using the heating!



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