How to change Project Ownership in Basic version?

Volker EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here
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is it possible by using the basic version only to change the ownership of running projects?

kann ich in der Basic Version den Beistzer von Projekten wechseln?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Volker! Thanks for reaching out!

    Our support team is happy to handle project ownership transfer requests! More information on how to send a request can be found in this article.

    To ensure a speedy resolution to your request, be sure to:

    • Reach out to support using an e-mail address associated with the owning team (or individual).
    • Provide the name of the team (or individual user) to whom you'd like to transfer ownership.
    • Include the name of the project you'd like to transfer.

    Hope this helps — have a great weekend!