Show file upload date in "Link to Attachment" dialog

Ian Tompkins
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When I use the forward slash / to link an attachment in a comment, we often have multiple files with the same or very similar name. Usually this is because we are uploaded revisions to the same file.

It would be extremely helpful to see a date next to each file in the popup dialog to determine which document is the latest before attaching it to the comment. Currently, the only reliable method is to pick one, publish the comment, check the link, then edit the comment if it's the wrong version.

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    edited May 2023

    Hi @Ian

    I know exactly what you mean. And i solved it by adding the date in front of the file name after creating or edit the file. Like 05152023_xy file. This way I can see always the date in the attachement and at the link by adding it with the slash. This also helps me when I upload a file into a new task.

    Maybe it works for you too. 😉

    Best, Samuel

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  • Ian Tompkins
    Ian Tompkins EN Pro Posts: 4 Beginner

    I appreciate the suggestion—and it's not a bad idea—but it's also not enforceable across my organization. We have established file naming conventions that mandate other more important info at the beginning of the filename, such as client slug and SKU number. Adding a date at the front of the filename just to make it work well in Meister Task is ultimately more of a headache than the current issue.

    As an alternative to my suggestion of listing the date for each file, it would even be enough just to know that the files are listed newest first or newest last. Or, the upload date for each file could be listed in the tooltip when you hover over the attachment. Both of these options would prevent needing to modify the interface significantly.