[Implemented] Change the Complete Button to Improve UX

Ricardo Berris
Ricardo Berris EN Basic, International Partner, MT Tester Posts: 1 Beginner

I’ve observe a default behavior for quite a few users who create a task card that they would click the complete button after the task is created. Perhaps there needs to be a way to relocate this button or replace it with something else. If each time the button is clicked completed the task then someone has to go and restore the task which is extra work. Something to think about.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,012 Community Admin

    Hi @Ricardo Berris - Thanks a ton for pointing this out. I just spoke with our MeisterTask product lead - she agrees that this is a problem that has been widely reported by users. A change is now planned on our roadmap - I'll keep you updated with more info as soon as I have it :D



  • Cornelia_is_OutOfOffice Patscheider
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    Hi all 👋,

    good news: the feature you've been waiting for is now available! 🎉

    ✅ Delivered: This feature is now available for all users! You can see the changed Complete button now in the task windows. It is now less noticeable and the button text has changed so that users don't accidentally click on it anymore.

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