MeisterTask OneNote integration

Arvid Vessman
Arvid Vessman EN Business Posts: 5 Beginner

Would be great to be able to create, view and complete MeisterTask tasks directly from OneNote.

Since OneNote is widely used for meeting notes and meeting minutes it would be awesome to be able to get an integration that would allow you to interact and create MeisterTasks within the application. Maybe combine the To-do functionality with MeisterTask tasks.

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  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 1,506 Community Admin

    Hey @ArvidVessman 👋!

    Thanks for this suggestion! As a OneNote integration doesn't currently exist, I thought maybe you could try out MeisterNote? Lots of teams (including us at Meister) use MeisterNote to make meeting notes. Plus, you can assign content in the notes to team members via the MeisterTask integration🤩.

    This makes the whole process from making meeting notes to taking actions MUCH smoother! (In case you're interested here's some more info on assigning to-do list items in notes).