Convert MindMeister node to MeisterNote text


Converting text from a node in MindMeister, to text in MeisterNote without weird formatting issues is impossible. Copying and pasting from one to the other simply creates hyper linked text and there is no menu option to "send to MeisterNote" or anything similar. Copying and pasting to a text editor as an intermediary, likewise copies the unwanted line breaks that MindMeister automatically creates.

I would expect at least basic integration between the two tools honestly. A "copy unformatted text" menu option would suffice, at the most basic level. However even better, would be the option to convert a MindMeister node branch to a document with headings and sub headings based on the selected node and its children.

Currently I can't see any features in MeisterNote that would make me use it in place of alternative tools. But having the above features, as a frequent user of MindMeister, would make MeisterNote much more attractive to me.

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