Smileys in the comments are not copy-ble

Serkan Temel
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Hi, we are saving texts for the communication with our clients.
We are giving the topic as a new task and write down the text in the comments. Then we are copy pasting those texts in certain cases.
The problem is meistertask/comment function you can ad smilys but when you copy the text, it doesnt copy the smilys for other programs. This is a problem in our case. Please can you change in your system that smilys are programmed as normal text? That would help us a lot.

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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey @Serkan Temel - I never realised this! I checked now and see you're right - You have my vote.

  • Serkan Temel
    Serkan Temel EN Basic Posts: 7 Beginner

    How long does it need to change if we put ideas in the system? If there is no reaction at all from Meistertask, what is the meaning of collecting such important ideas?? If there is no change, we need to find another solution to save our texts…

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Serkan Temel — MeisterTask uses the Slack Emoji Syntax (emojis are entered using colons, as in: :smile:) Unfortunately, this syntax isn't instantly read by all word processing programs (e.g. Microsoft Word), which won't automatically convert emojis.

    Sorry to disappoint regarding the timeline of implementing the feature — I've reached out again to our devs for perspective, but unfortunately, the MT team must always prioritize between many different requests, and sometimes what seems like an "easy fix" can require a surprising amount of development work.



  • Serkan Temel
    Serkan Temel EN Basic Posts: 7 Beginner

    😣 thats too bad. Ok, so we need to find another solution for that. As I know in Asana free version it is possible. My hope was, to work only with one mangement system. Anyway, thank you.