Convert multiple branches of a mind map into a batch of Meister Task tasks


I plan and identify tasks in a mind map and then move them directly to Meiter Task for scheduling.

Currently, I go through the following process

  1. Plan on mind map and write out branches
  2. Assign each branch to a Meister Task as a task.
  3. Manage them as tasks in Meister Task

However, since many branches are created in step 1, process 2 is very tedious.

I would like to convert them into tasks in a batch at 2.

I want to convert each task into a batch task.
Due date
but often we convert it to a task once and decide the due date later. Therefore, by default, the due date can be left unspecified. (I know this is currently implemented as well.)

In addition, for personal use, it would be more convenient if you can set the default assignment to yourself without having to choose it every time.

So it would be convenient to set them in "settings" in advance and have a UI like the following.

Select multiple branches at once
2. Make a task with a single action such as a click

Each task is
Due date not set
Assign automatically to the person you set in "Settings".

There are many task management apps out there, but I have not found one that can truly and smoothly link mind maps and tasks, and I feel that your product is the closest to the ideal.

However, the only problem is that it is not possible to batch task multiple branches at once.

We are looking forward to your improvement.

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