Why am I redirected to the Accounts page when logging in?

Christiane EN Basic Posts: 2 New Here
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whenever I try to login to MeisterTask, I very quickly see my Agenda and then I'm forwarded to the "My Account"Page.

I've already tried to delete cookies & history (twice) and used different web browsers, but nothing helps.

Are there any other solutions?

thx for your help!

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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @Christiane,

    This happens either when a user has too few licenses or needs to renew their license.

    Find out more here.



  • Christiane
    Christiane EN Basic Posts: 2 New Here

    Hi Misa,

    you're totally right - my Pro license was no longer valid. The support team now have me set back to the Basic version - I'm somewhat confused why that doesn't happen automatically, but anyway, it works now.