Top tip: Add to Dock feature

Peter McCarthy
Peter McCarthy MT Tester, EN Business Posts: 28 Star Contributor
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I've recently put Mac OS Sonoma beta on one of my Macs. It has a new feature… Add to Dock.

'Add any website to the Dock as a web app, right from the File menu. Launch a web app to get an app-like experience with a simplified toolbar. Access web apps the way you would any app and receive notifications.'

I've added MeisterNote to my dock now to get an app-like experience. I also made a new icon for it - as the default one it grabbed from the web didn't look great. I've pasted it below.

The biggest differences are:

  • Meister Note is only one click away now.
  • It removes all the normal web stuff from the top of the window and looks far more app-like.

Here's the icon I made if anyone wants it.

Overall - pretty darn happy with it!