[KNOWN BUG] Links not exported to Word docs

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Hi there,

the links from my maps dont get exported to the word documents… but this feature is essential to my work! I got told for nearly 6 weeks now, they would work on it and fix it, soon.

I´m getting to fear, nobody will fix that…would´nt you guess the fix should be found, if someon with knowledge would really work on that?

Does anybody have the same problems? Any idea what couses that, how to fix?


PS: when this issue showed first - no link was exported. Now, some links are getting exported again - it seems, they all are older than the problem; means I added that links more than 6 weeks before. New added links in old an new maps: no export.

weird, isnt it?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Cam — Sorry for the delay here. I can confirm that this bug is known to our dev team, who prioritize fixes and other improvements in their weekly sprints. Unfortunately, this always involves a bit of prioritization, so it looks like this fix is still in our backlog. Sorry for the frustration here — I'll keep you updated on progress in this thread.

    Best wishes for a great weekend,



  • K A
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    Hi Andrew,

    I did recognize and report this problem the 01. of June via email. NOTHING helpful since…..

    The bug also makes it impossible to export my maps and import properly in to other mindmap - solutions.

    As all the "old" links still work AND my personal workaround (adititionally copy the url into the idea) leads to an export of the url to word (but not formated as a link, so word doesnt recognize the url as a link) - I am pretty sure you builded in a bug, that is very related to the propper formation of links in what ever protocol you use….

    Can´t be that hard to fix - it´s something that has worked previously!

    @Community: Am I really the ONLY person, who useses the mindmaps in other ways than within the browser? Am I the only one, who thinks, that paying for featues, that don´t work for months is quite unacceptable?

    I´m looking forward to your comments and a solution!

    Greetings Cam

  • Stakeholder Map
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    This is still an issue. I have just found it this morning while trying to import a Mindmeister mindmap to another mindmap provider. The workaround is to use the legacy editor when you create the mindmap. Sadly 'Open with legacy editor' then export doesn't work.