Unable to change "due time" as well as due date when using web version for tasks

Helen Richardson
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I'm new to meister tasks and using Basic. In the android version, when I add a new task I can set a precise time it is due, as well as the date. I think I'm supposed to be able to do this in the web version as well, but when I add/edit a task there is no option to change the due time, only the due date (see attached screen shot) - so the time is automatically set to 12pm and I can't change it (unless I use my phone). Any advice?

Many thanks!


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  • Samuel Schläpfer
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    Hi @Helen Richardson

    Well, usually you can change the time easy as you said. Which Browser do you use?
    I recommend you Google Chrome. I had a lot of issues with Microsoft Edge f.e.

    If you already use Google Chrome sometimes it helps if you log out (all devices), delete your cache/cookies and log in again.

    Let us know if this helped.


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