💡Feature Request: Export option with List of Pages and Table of Contents to easily create eBooks

Christian Müller
Christian Müller DE Business Posts: 56 Star Contributor

Hi MeisterNote Community,

since the new content blocks "List of Pages" and "Table of Contents" are implemented my team and I are using them extensively. From this our feature request ist born.

## Solution
An export function that respects and transfers List of Pages and Table of Contents als interactive elements in PDF oder ePub format. The idea is to easily create eBooks from Notes with these structural elements. It would make the transfer from our MeisterNote structure and content to otter, more shareable and printable formats much easier.

## The problem
If you use MeisterNote like we do chances are that you end up creating Notes with lots of pages and pages with lots of subtitles. Since we also write documentation, handouts and tutorials in MeisterNote, our content can become quite long and needs structure (that's why we love both of the new content blocks).

Out clients love this structure too, but more oft than not need the content outside of MeisterNote, either as a digital file or in a printable format. The current export function doesn't do a good job in preservering structure or formatting and it does not preserve List of Pages or Table of Contents.

## How to solve this problem
The implementation of an export function beyond printing, that respects structure and formatting, keeps everything in a printable format and preserves the interactive nature of Table of Content would be a game change for us.

Ideally PDf and ePub would be available as target formats, so we could easily create eBooks from our MeisterNote content.

What do you think? Would you use this feature? If yes pleas upvote and feel free to expand on the idea in the comments.

I am looking forward to our community discussion. Thanks for your time.

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