If I add someone to my team, do they automatically have access to all projects?

Jenny Oest
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If I add someone to my team, do they automatically have access to all projects? Is it possible to NOT give them access to some projects?

What is the advantage to having someone on your team vs. just using their own account and sharing the projects you want to share?



  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @Jenny Oest and welcome to the community 👋🙂

    Your question depends on what kind of subscription you have purchased. If you need to manage roles and permissions, you better work with a business licence. This ensures the best possible security options for your professional work…including GDPR.

    If you invite external MeisterTask users to projects without having the roles and permissions included, everyone, that is invited to a project can make unrestricted changes to sensitive data and information in the related project.

    Invited users do not automatically have access to all your projects. The access is only granted for the respective project in question 👍️ This means, that you have to invite every external user to every project where you want them on board.

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