How do I remove a user from seeing my projects and make my projects private?

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Hi there!

I noticed that somebody we work with seems to have access to be able to view my projects. How do I remove them from it and keep my projects private?



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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Dessy , thanks for the question!

    I think the source of the confusion here might be the difference between team projects and private projects. In the screenshot you shared, it looks like you are browsing through your team's team projects in the left sidebar. Unlike private projects, team projects are immediately visible and joinable by your entire team. (More info here)

    It looks to me like Chris created this team project himself, (that's why he's the only one in the project), but because it is a team project, you are also able to view it and join it by clicking "Team Projects" in the left sidebar. So while it may look like Chris has sudden access to one of your projects, it's really only you discovering a team project made by Chris.

    Here's a quick screen cap of me switching between my active projects and our Meister team projects:

    Rest assured, Chris won't have access to any of your private projects unless invited specifically. You can always see who has been invited to a project by going to Project Settings -> Members.

    Let me know if this answers your question... This difference is a bit complicated and can be confusing!



    P.S. It seems strange to me that Chris came up under your "access tab" as an external user. Can you confirm that he is a part of your team? If so, you might have found a bug in the access tab.


  • Dessy
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    @Andrew Lapidus Got it. Looks like both of mine are team projects. How do I convert them to private? In the how-to article, it shows how to convert a project to a team one but I can't figure out how to convert to private.

    For Chris, I think it's strange too. I have a feeling he had MeisterTask before we added him to our team. We then added him for MeisterNote later.

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Dessy,

    Yes, that sounds like explains the origin of this project: Chris likely created this team project on his own before he joined your team. Once he joined, ownership passed to your entire team, which made it visible under "team projects."

    You're in the right menu to change the project to a private project, but only project admins can do this. I'm guessing Chris is the project admin of this project.

    Your CSM @Zsuzsanna Kensell should be able to go into the back-end and change admin rights on this project, or even just delete it. I've tagged her here so she can reach out to you!

    I've also made a note to change the how-to article to include the team project -> private project user flow.

    Sorry for the confusion here - have a great rest of your day and weekend!


  • Zsuzsanna Kensell
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    Hi @Dessy,

    Thank you for posting your questions in the community!

    I'll reach out via email so we can discuss all the details about MeisterTask and how team and private projects work.



  • Cathy Fanning
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    Thanks guys for the question, answer and info. A very popular question with users who are a little confused with Public and Private projects.


    Cathy Fanning

  • Richard
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    Agreed - this is new to me. Have team projects always existed or is this a new feature?

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Richard - Good question! Team projects have always existed, but were previously quite hidden within the interface. As part of the MT team's broader efforts to make team collaboration more intuitive, team projects are now more clearly defined on project settings windows and when creating a new project.

    As you mentioned @Cathy Fanning , the team is also aware that we haven't done a great job of explaining this difference, and that many users are still confused. We're currently working on updating the interface to help make things clearer. Your feedback here is very helpful, keep it coming! :D

  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey @Dessy, we've tried to better explain how to convert between the two in the tip box in the article here - hope it makes a bit more sense now!

  • Dessy
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    Thanks @Miša. Unfortunately, I just found out that converting a Team project to a Personal is a pro plan feature. I'm not sure why it's like this and not the other way around but I can't have my projects be available for anyone to join so will probably have to move my notes elsewhere.