Add support for `inline code` in node's title


Feature Request: Introducing Inline Code Styling for Node Text

I am reaching out to propose an exciting enhancement to our current node text styling capabilities. Our platform already provides excellent support for markdown features such as bold and italic formatting, as well as the inclusion of emojis. Building upon this strong foundation, I would like to suggest the addition of inline code styling using backticks (`) to further enrich the user experience.

Feature Details:
The proposed feature involves introducing support for inline code styling by allowing users to enclose specific portions of their node text within backticks (`). This simple yet effective addition will enable users to differentiate commands/code snippets seamlessly within their content.


  1. Enhanced Readability: By incorporating inline code styling, we can enhance the readability of technical content and discussions. This feature will be particularly valuable when users are sharing programming code, commands, or other technical details.
  2. Seamless Integration: The use of backticks for inline code styling is a standard practice in many programming environments. By adding this feature, we create a seamless integration for users who are already familiar with markdown syntax.
  3. Content Versatility: This feature will offer users a versatile toolkit for content creation. Combining inline code with existing markdown options like bold, italic, and emojis will empower users to communicate complex information more effectively.
  4. Eliminating Ambiguity: Inline code styling ensures that code snippets are distinct from regular text, reducing any ambiguity in discussions involving technical concepts.
  5. Efficiency Boost: Enabling inline code styling through backticks will simplify the process of formatting code within node text. This streamlining will lead to greater efficiency in content creation.

I am enthusiastic about the potential of introducing inline code styling to our platform's node text capabilities. This enhancement aligns perfectly with our commitment to improving user experience and facilitating effective communication. By building upon our existing support for markdown features, we can provide users with an even more robust and user-friendly environment for creating compelling content.

Thank you for considering this feature request. I am excited to see the positive impact it can have on our platform and the experiences of our valued users.

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