Add sub-tasks/ checklist items on the MeisterTask Dashboard

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Hello everyone,

I would like to see the sub-tasks/ checklist items added on the MeisterTask Dashboard.

Right now there is a high risk of missing a sub-task or checklist item simply due to the fact that we only recieve a mail about it.

I believe its not the right way to have different places (mails and MeisterTask) to keep track of the current tasks I have.

I would prefer to have all these infos at one place.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Panhuber, and welcome to the community! 👋

    That's an excellent suggestion -I definitely get where you're coming from. As @Miša explained in this post, tagging users in checklist items is a great workaround to "assign" a sub-task, but you're right - this runs the risk of users not being aware of a pressing deadline.

    While it's not easy to see checklist items from the dashboard, you can always get an overview of tasks assigned to you by clicking the My Tasks widget:

    This also sounds like a great suggestion to add to the sub-tasks feature request thread here.

    Hope that helps - and see you around the community forum!

  • Michael Heil
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    @Panhuber Hey, to add assigned checklist items to the agenda somehow, so one can his/her assigned checklist items on a daily basis is a good idea. But actually an assigned checklist-item is really a task and should somehow be handled as a task, because each item might need possibilities to attach files or specific comments on this one checklist item....

    Have you checked out the feature to generate a dependend subtask out of a checklist item? Before you have to activate the dependencies in the board (sorry, I am german and I hope I get the wordings right 😉).

    if you generate a subtask from a checklist item, Main- and subtasks are linked in each task and you can see all subtasks in the main task. Even when a subtask is completed, it is crossed out.

    I think that is a cool feature to manage subtasks.

    @meister but in that case, as I mentioned in one of my Posts before, the main task should be somehow marked visible in the board to recognize it rightaway as a main task

    Here are some screenshots

    @Panhuber What do you think about this feature?

    Michael Heil

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