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This feature request is to have the ability of getting time tracking activated and deactivated through automations only.

This way, a manager can take out the human error factor from the time tracking experience of our collaborators.

Some of the problems we solve with this feature request are the following:

  • The user forgot to manually enable time tracking when starting the execution of the task
  • The user gave us manual input of time tracked, but registered 50 hours instead of 5
  • The user forgot to manually disable the time tracker after finishing the task
  • We've got a task with 72 hours tracked during the weekend, when the office was closed

If this feature gets implemented, we (the managers) focus only in designing the process, through MeisterTask automations, and let the system work for us, instead of us working for the system.

In this other response, I describe how we work through automations: https://community.meister.co/discussion/comment/230#Comment_230

I hope we can contribute further in this regard to make this important feature a reality.

Best regards.

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