shortkey or one click accessible relationship connection line


Hi, today its far to many clicks to get to the option to create a connection line, i like that to be as accessible as the current + icons that show on right side and bellow a bullet/bubble when its active. how about adding a green arrow with a line just like the + icons but above the bullet/bubble.

As a user of your tool on a daily basis since 2008 I use the connection feature all the time, it has to be better integrated in the UX.

current method: Right-click the topic you'd like to add a connection to (or left-click the topic and click the ellipsis ...). Click the Actions icon. Click Connection. now the tool is active and you can draw a line, doing this during an ongoing meeting 20 times in an hour just dont work

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⌥ + C


  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey @Lillrud, Karl,

    This is already a shortcut.

    Please click on a topic and then click ⌥ + C. (or Option key + C).

    I realised this is not noted in our Help Center and will update the article now.