Make Recurring Task Automations More Visible

Cathy Fanning
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Hi Everyone!

This is probably a technical one. After recurring tasks have been created you can't see them in a specific section until the due date or looking at Section, Automations. (i.e. I have a section setup specifically for recurring tasks). Would be handy to see the recurring task there all the time as a reminder as to what is coming up like other tasks.

Hope I have explained this and I'm not missing something here.



Cathy Fanning

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Cathy Fanning - thanks for your feedback here! I think I understand your issue - This is something I've heard from a few users individually - I'm glad you brought it up! Let me see if I understand your request:

    When you set up a "recurring task" automation in a project, it's not visible until the "create task" date is reached and a task is actually created — otherwise, you'd have to go into the section header and look under "automations" to see that the recurring task was set up properly. Did I get that right?

    We do sometimes hear from users who create recurring tasks and are miffed when the task does not immediately appear - let me know if this describes your request :D



  • Cathy Fanning
    Cathy Fanning Member, International Partner, MT Tester Posts: 87 Star Contributor

    Hi @Andrew Lapidus - Exactly right! If recurring tasks were visible it would certainly make the overall project picture and timeline much easier and quicker to keep track of. You could easily see at a glance what's current and coming up.

    This is available with most of the competitors. I think it would be very welcome with the users.



    Cathy Fanning

  • Michael Heil
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    @Cathy Fanning I agree. You got. my vote 👍

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