Salons Professionnels - création de "templates"

Éric Falaise
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Parfois il faut se propulser dans l'organisation d'un salon professionnel. Ce n'est pas forcément notre fonction et notre connaissance et limitée. Cependant les équipes sont réduites et les budgets serrés. Alors il faut s'organiser rapidement sans oublier les détails qui font perdre du temps.

Qui souhaite m'aider à réaliser un template MindMeister, MeisterNotes et MeisterTask?
Existe-t-il des templates à ce sujet que je n'ai pas encore découvert?


  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @Éric Falaise,

    Interesting suggestion! My dad is currently preparing for a trade fair in London 😊. I'm sure he'd be thrilled if I gave him a template that'd help him organise himself pre-fair!

    I'd like to think some more about this and get back to you. MindMeister could be used for brainstorming everything that is necessary, e.g. What is needed for the stand? Which products will you showcase? What do you need to pack for your personal travel requirements? Which documents do you need? How could you design the stand? Which stands might you visit? Who will be there to network with?

    MeisterTask would be the next logical step. Once we have the ideas (from MindMeister), we could create tasks in MeisterTask and move them across the kanban board as they are completed.

    I'll get back to you with more ideas.