I would like to see my last activity on the card WITHOUT having to drill in


I am in sales- lets say I have 50 live customers- meaning I have 50 cards. To find out where I am at with each one I have DRILL IN and see the last activity (interaction) that I had with that particular customer or project. If I could SEE THAT LAST ACTIVITY on the card- I then can see all my 50 contacts with CURRENT information from that last ACTIVITY that I typed in. SO much easier and takes your product to the next level. I have a document that explains. Also maybe this can just be an option under Preferences? Not sure you are seeing my contact information but it is in the ducument.

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    Thank you for looking at my idea. I think that it is a TOTAL productivity tool and makes for seeing information at a glance without having to drill in to each card to see my last interaction and what I have to do next for each card (Client)