[Feature-Req] "Feature to Turn Off Automatic Line Wrapping or Specify Wrapping Points"

Yusuke Ota
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Mindmeister has a feature that automatically wraps text,

but it often wraps at places where I don't want it to,

and doesn't wrap where I do want it to.

For example,

  • I don’t want it to wrap in the middle of a list like '[A, B, C]' or an arrow '->',
  • but I want it to wrap at punctuation marks like '。' and '、'.


This requires me to manually adjust every entry, hindering my workflow.


Since Mindmeister is a tool meant to aid in concentration,

this issue is becoming a distraction.


  1. The ability to specify (customize) where automatic line wrapping should apply.

   If this is difficult, then at least,

2. The ability to turn off automatic line wrapping.


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