How much does it cost to add a new team member to my Meistertask Pro project?

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What are the annual costs for me if I would like to add a new team member to one of my projects in my Meistertask Pro account


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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi @Babett

    You have two options here:

    1. Your new team member has a basic account.
      Good thing: Account is for free
      Bad thing: He/She can only work on 3 projects
    2. You take a second pro account. You can finde the costs and all other infos here.

    Hope I could answer your question.

    Best, Rooster

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  • Babett
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    Hi @Rooster ,

    Thanks for the quick response. 🤗

    Greetings, Babett

  • House on the Hill
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    @Rooster McNugget I assign 3 project to my staff basic plan and she only able to access 2. The third project said she exceeded the project limit but her dashboard only have 3 projects.

    Need assistance here