Moving between teams?

Seth Warmenhoven
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My colleagues recently got an error message saying that they are not part of my team, upon investigating we found out that they are listed as members on our projects, but they are not part of our official office team on MeisterTask.

It also seems like Meister created a team for each of them so they are stuck on their individual teams and can't seem to migrate over. Is there a way we can move them over to join us on the official team, or do they have to and click on Cancel subscription first to be able to join the team? We would prefer if they don't have to lose all the projects they are currently tagged in.

I've sent them invites to the team by going to but it just gives me the following error message:


  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @seth_ww — thanks for reaching out!

    If these users are already on a paid individual subscription (that they've. purchased themsleves), they'll first need to cancel their subscription before joining your team — this will allow your business to manage all of your team's licenses and subscriptions (as they'll all purchased from the same account).

    If you go ahead with this option, no worries about losing access: the users will still keep access to all their projects (although there might be a moment after canceling and before joining your office team where they are limited to only accessing three projects.)

    Hope that's clear — sometimes managing team licenses can be a bit confusing. Let me know if you need any assistance here!



  • Seth Warmenhoven
    Seth Warmenhoven EN Pro Posts: 2 Beginner
    edited November 2023

    My colleague tried closing her account since there wasn't a way to cancel the basic subscription. After doing so I tried cancelling and resending the invite but she never received an invite mail, and when she tried to create a new account with her work email it just automatically put her back into her own team.