🤓 MeisterHacks: Using Checklist Templates

Miša Hennin
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Checklist templates are a really exciting feature (at least I think so), but it's not always easy to know when it makes sense to use them. To help, we've broken things down into two key use cases:

When do you use checklist templates? Got any tips to share? Screenshot your templates and share below - I'd love to see!


  • Sabine Rafael
    Sabine Rafael Member Posts: 2 Beginner

    I love the possibility to save Checklist templates.

    I'd love it even more if it would be possible to decide whether I want to use the checklist template only within a project or as a central template e.g. across all projects 🤗

  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 693 Community Admin
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    Hey @Sabine Rafael and welcome to the Community! That's an interesting idea! Feel free to add it to the MeisterTask Feature Ideas category so other users can upvote and comment. I'm also interested - what sort of checklist might be beneficial to multiple projects? I generally find that my checklists are quite project-specific, so I'm not sure when I could use the same template in different projects, although having the option would be great!

  • Linz Hunt
    Linz Hunt Member Posts: 1 New Here

    That has been one of my issues too. I create digital online training, I am using MindMeister for the outlines and planning, MeisterNote to create written content, and MeisterTask to manage production of the course through to release. I am also using MeisterTask as a way of documenting company procedures as well as project management. I have multiple checklists and use them all the time, but constantly reviewing as I improve my processes.

    The issue is, you have to duplicate and move a checklist, into another project (the only way to do it). If you then edit that checklist, the changes only apply within that project. To replace the original checklist, you have to manually duplicate it within the current project and move it to whereever the original checklist is. I've created a 'project' as a templates repository for this function. What would be really useful, is a central templates repository function within MeisterTask, or your account for tasks, checklists, and projects, with the option to overwrite the original template, or save just to the current project.

  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster Posts: 693 Community Admin

    Hi @Linz Hunt and welcome to the Community!

    Thanks for sharing your use case - I can really understand why global checklists are important for you in this case.

    We have a feature request in the Community for global checklists - Please feel free to add your vote and see the comments for info from other users experiencing the same need as you.