💻 Live Webinar: Even better project management with the new Subtasks feature!

Marlene Lechner
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Are you ready to take your project management to the next level? 🚀

Navigating the complexity of large tasks can be overwhelming – so let’s make it simple! MeisterTask has a new feature to help you manage complex projects and tasks: Subtasks!

Subtasks allow you to break down big challenges into small, more manageable steps. You can keep track of who is doing what and by when - and achieve success in your project like never before.

Sounds good? Then join our webinar to find out how this highly-anticipated new MeisterTask Business feature can work for your team.

👥 Our experts at your side: We have enlisted none other than Chelsea Creighton, Account Executive at Meister, to show you tips & tricks and the benefits of subtasks.

⏰ Agenda:

Warm-up (10 minutes): Meet your hosts and get an introduction to subtasks – including how to add them to your tasks in MeisterTask.

Benefits, Best Practices and Tips (20 minutes): Learn how to efficiently break down and prioritise larger tasks into subtasks. In this section, we’ll also explore how subtasks can improve your project communication and collaboration.

Q&A and Additional Resources (15 minutes): Find resources and guidance on how to use subtasks effectively – and get answers to all of your burning questions.

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