🏆 Best Practices: Custom Fields

Miša Hennin
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Custom Fields are an efficient way of streamlining interdepartmental communication and avoiding misunderstandings between team members. This is especially valuable when you're working with other departments that aren't familiar with your workflows 🔀.

Imagine you're working on a marketing campaign and need the Content Marketing Team to write specific ad copy. You can use Custom Fields to align teams with clear, concise and structured information 😍.

In the example above, the Marketing team has used Custom Fields to ground their tasks in the most important information.

Whoever creates the task from Marketing will have to fill in the Custom Fields by answering the questions in the description. The assignee in Content will have everything necessary to start the piece right there in the task.

What are some of the benefits of Custom Fields?

  • ℹ️ The task owner is able to convey the information that is most important to the task.
  • ✅ The assignee will know exactly what is necessary for the task to be successful.
  • 👀 There will be greater transparency - everybody who views the task will see the information available to the assignee.
  • 🫡 Thanks to the transparency of Custom Fields, accountability is also more easily achievable.

Do you use Custom Fields? What do you think is the best use case for this feature? Reply below with your own tips and experiences!