🎉 Product Updates: New Notes Templates Now Available! 🌟

Cornelia Patscheider
Cornelia Patscheider Admin, Moderator, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 733 Community Admin

Hi everyone 👋!

We've expanded our template library and added 6 new notes templates.
Let's dive into the template details:

Presentation template: Present your thoughts and ideas.

  • Use this template to articulate your ideas with clarity and style.
  • Add images, files and embedded media to boost engagement, and talk your audience through your thoughts seamlessly.

Vision and Mission: Map out vision and strategy for success.

  • Use this template to articulate the vision and mission of your organization, product, or project.
  • Define goals and values to guide your team and empower them to do their best work.

Business Model Canvas: Develop and analyze your business model.

  • Clear business concepts are key to successful strategic decision making.
  • Use this template to identify potential opportunities, understand customer needs, and design a sustainable and profitable business model.

Product Spec: Define product specifications for clear, efficient planning.

  • A product spec helps you effectively communicate the vision and scope for your product to ensure seamless development.
  • Use this template to concisely document features, requirements, and design elements.

Project Retrospective: Make your sprints more productive.

  • Documenting your learnings at the end of a sprint ensures they can be applied to future projects.
  • Use this template to optimize your retrospectives, reflecting on highlights, challenges and areas for improvement.
  • With action items and next steps clear, your team can continuously refine their approach for better project outcomes.

Sales CRM: Streamline sales operations & maximize customer relationships.

  • Use this template to efficiently organize and track leads, opportunities, and interactions.
  • With processes streamlined and records clear, you ensure team productivity – and conversion rates – continue to climb.

You can access these templates here:

  1. Visit your notes overview.
  2. Click on the + icon.
  3. Choose your template or choose Browse all Templates.

Need help or have questions about these new templates? Please comment below 🙌

Cheers, Cornelia


  • Lukas as
    Lukas as EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here


    When are you going to add tables in notes? :D

  • Cornelia Patscheider
    Cornelia Patscheider Admin, Moderator, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 733 Community Admin

    Hi @lukaskretzschmer ,

    thank you!

    Regarding the tables, that's very good question! At the moment there is nothing planned. But let's convince the Meister Product Team together 😉 If you haven't voted yet, please consider giving your vote to the Tables-feature-request here.