Subtasks not showing up on Kanban board as separate tasks

Inga Peterson
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Just watched the webinar and got excited, but can't figure out how to get them to show up. Thanks.

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi @Inga Peterson

    You can check if your settings are as followed. It shows you subtasks and other Infos on the Taskboard.

    First thing,

    1. Click on your icon
    2. Go to "Settings"
    3. Go to "Design"
    4. Set a "Tick" at "short infos"

    Second to check:

    1. Open the project
    2. Go to the project settings
    3. Go to "Power-Ups"
    4. Activate "Taskdescriptions and Subtasks

    After those steps you should be able to see the subtaks.

    If it's not working let me know.

    Best, Rooster

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