How does Ask Meister AI find its answers?

Chris Cunliffe
Chris Cunliffe MT Tester, EN Business Posts: 65 Star Contributor
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I used AI to look for an answer to a query this morning. The response was very helpful and provided the detail I needed but the sources quoted did not seem to match up to the answer, to the point where I began doubting the answer.
The tool always seems to quote 3 sources, could there be more and does it force a random source in to make up the 3 ? I have had some completely unconnected sources shown before.

Thanks, Chris

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  • Kevin Kuhn
    Kevin Kuhn EN Basic, MeisterLobster Posts: 15 Principal Product Manager
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    Hi @Chris Cunliffe

    it's awesome to hear that you got some good results for Ask Meister AI! :)

    The way it currently works is:

    1. Across all the notes/pages you have access to, we determine the top 3 that are most likely to contain the answer to your question.
    2. We then use the content out of the top 3 to actually put together the answer to your question and serve it back to you.

    With that system it's still possible that we show some not-so-relevant notes/pages in the sources simply because they're more closely related than any other of your notes. That does however not mean that they are actually used to build the answer. This will more likely be based on the more relevant notes.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Please keep letting us know if you have other questions or feedback. We're definitely determined to keep improving it – including the sources. :)



  • Chris Cunliffe
    Chris Cunliffe MT Tester, EN Business Posts: 65 Star Contributor

    Hi @Kevin Kuhn
    I am very pleased with the results I am now getting from the tool. It is answering more questions first time as well.
    I have a vast array of notes ranging from Commodity market reports, function notes from a system I help a company with and issue resolution tickets which are building a large knowledge base so I am really looking forward to see how this tool continues to develop.
    Thanks for the above answer