App breaking crash and other constant issues

Peter Davison
Peter Davison EN Pro Posts: 11 Beginner

I really like Meistertask for what we do but there are so many little app breaking bugs that are ruining the experience.

All of this is happening on ipads on 17.0.3 (mini 5th gen).

Every few days the app will crash and will not reopen. There is nothing that initiates this crash other than possibly just looking at the home screen. When reopening the app just crashes again. The only way to stop this happening is to delete the app, and redownload it.

I sent full log files this morning but I'm not sure if it will only show information since the app was reinstalled (it's not possible to send log files after it crashes because you cannot reopen the app)

Another issue is the last tag of any task being half cut off but the screen. This just seems like a scaling issue but it's persistent.

The search function also seems to be fundamentally still broken with searching by tags. If I have a tag "1234" and search for this using #1234 in the "all" column, nothing will come up.

If the task is active and I search in the active column, it WILL come up. That's good.

If it's archived and I search in the archived column, it will ONLY come up if the task was archived extremely recently. If it was archived maybe 4-5 days ago, you need to use the web app to find the task.

I really hope these issues will be eventually fixed because the app is great other than that.

(as an aside, the task limit per column is kind of a useless feature because it doesn't prevent you adding more tasks, just has a small warning that is easy to miss).


  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business, Advocate Posts: 1,250 Community Admin

    Hi Pete,

    I'm sorry to hear you're facing these bugs and issues. I've referred your request to support. Somebody from the team will be in touch with you asap to take a further look at these bugs.

    Best wishes,