Is it possible to use checklists across different projects?

Lillian Turner
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Hi! Can I create a checklist for one project, and import it onto another? I'd like to create multiple checklists that can be used for any project I am working on. I figured out how to create a checklist, but I can't seem to "load" it onto another one. Thank you!

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @Lillian Turner and welcome to the community 👋🙂

    Creating checklists for a project and using them in others is unfortunately not (yet) possible. But, there is a little workaround to solve this.

    Option 1: You have no checklists yet, but want to create a lot of them:

    • Create a "Dummy-Task" within any project and call it Checklist-Collection
    • Create all kinds of checklists that you have in mind
    • Save the checklists as templates to the project
    • Duplicate this Dummy-Task and move it to new/other projects
    • Save the desired checklists as templates here too

    Option 2: You have created some nice checklist templates for different projects:

    • Create a "Dummy-Task" and call it Checklist-Collection
    • Move this task to desired projects, that already include templates
    • Load the desired checklist templates in your "Dummy-Task"
    • Repeat this step all over your projects and "collect" the desired checklists in this task
    • Now the Dummy-Task is ready to be used on every new project
    • and you can, of course, duplicate it for further usage in other projects


    • You can duplicate this task and send it to new created projects as often as you want
    • You can add desired/needed checklists in every new project within seconds

    I have created a feature request for the implementation of an "Import checklist from …" button, to have an easier way to load checklists from other projects too in the future.

    It would be cool if you leave your vote there 😉

    I do highly recommend these postings too:

    For now, I hope I could help you out.

    Best, Jörg

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