How to save files & notes to a project?

Tristan Loo
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I'm relatively new to Meistertask and I'm not seeing a way to save files and notes at the project level (not a task) other than create a Kanban column for it which eats up screen space. What are some ways you are getting around this?

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi @Tristan Loo

    When we work with documents which are important for the entire project, we solve it as follows:

    1st variant:
    We create a column with the appropriate heading, for example "General Documents". We store all documents there, be it as individual “tasks” or all documents in a single task. Most of the time we make a task and within the task we create subtasks with the name of the files. It's clearer.

    2nd variant:
    If there are many documents or comments etc. have been added to the documents or are being edited during the project, then we create a link to MeisterNote in the description of the project (Project Settings -> Info - Description) and store everything in MeisterNote. This saves us a column and gives us a better overview when editing the documents.

    Hope this helps… 😉 If not let us know and I'm sure, someone else will have an other solution to handle documents in a project. 😊

    Best, Rooster

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