Brandbook / style guide with MeisterNote?

Tim Strupat
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Hi community, has anyone here implemented a brandbook / style guide for a SME with MeisterNote and would be willing to share some insights/structure of the Note/perhaps even a template? Thanks and happy new year!

Stay enthusiastic and organised!



  • Miša Hennin
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    Hey Tim,

    @Dessy Prasad might have some valuable insights here!



  • Dessy Prasad
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    Hi @Tim Strupat - I don't have a template version but can share with you what has worked for our firm. I started off building a simple Table of Contents page and added the feature "List of Pages" to it so that it auto updates with sections I input. Then, nestled under that, I built out different sections. Within those sections, I input another Table of Contents with the "List of Pages" feature so it shows articles for that area. Within those sections, I input articles needed. It's simple, functional, and easy to use!