Mindmap as a "Timeline"

Thomas Gardemann
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Hello, i use Mindmeister and i like to use it! A great tool to organise.

What is miss is to create a mindmap as a "Timeline". In mindmeister every new mindmap has a "center". But i would like to create a Timeline example for milestones or to organise things in a chronological way. I would like to make a choice, how to use the Timeline with date or with date and time or only with numbers 1,2,3,… on every step you can connect a new "idea" (just like a normal mindmap). The difference is only that there is a line and not only one box as a central start! I bet it would be a great tool and a stand alone feature, cause i didnt find these kind of Timeline-Mindmap. :) I would love to finde these feature as soon as possible in mindmeister! Best regards, Thomas Gardemann, Germany

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