Fully integrate MeisterNotes into the MeisterTask app, instead of opening a browser window

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There is already a link to MeisterNotes in the sidebar of MeisterTask, why not fully integrate it there so I can have MeisterNotes in a dedicated app instead of the browser (and actually open Tasks from MeisterNotes in MeisterTask, instead of the browser) .

Edit: I made another feature request for a dedicated app, either solution would be an improvement:

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  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @lucfr ,

    thanks for your suggestion! I can already tell you that the Meister-Team is very much thinking along the same line. The team is currently working on bringing notes and tasks closer together. This is going to be a continues effort in 2024 as well, so in the future we all can also open and view the notes from the MeisterTask app on mobile devices.

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    edit: deleted this answer to reply with quote (below)

  • lucfr
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