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Rafal Wzorek
Rafal Wzorek EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

Look. I spend a lot of time mapping processes and creating maps. There is abundance of tools that can do rudimentary flowcharting, advanced flowcharting, but none has beautiful flowcharting that is also functionally sound.

I envisage look and feel similar to MindMeister Mind Map, but with at least basic features for flow charts creation, or mildly more demanding such as swim lane diagramming.

This could be a new tool in Meister's portfolio. It could be basic, with more advanced templates (UML etc) available for higher tiers. Or the MindMap could have a template for this instead.

I have tried nearly all the tools out there are if they are functional, they are underwhelming visually. If they are good looking, they are too basic and not fit for purpose. There is literally no one tool I am happy using.

For mind mapping I have settled on Mind Map from Meister because of that progressive, visually-appealing design language, which I would love to see expanded to new tools so that I don't have to use different brand of tools for various purposes.

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  • Giles Catcheside
    Giles Catcheside EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

    This would be a really helpful feature / template to create and feels like a simple tweak for the Mindmeister interface.

  • G johnston
    G johnston EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

    I agree as well. As a recent subscriber I have created several maps for my business to include organization and responsibility, but want to add a flowchart for decision making and processes. This feature might make me reconsider when renewal comes around.